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Furnishing with soul - advice, planning, living

Furnishing advice with attention to detail

“I believe that every person deserves a beautiful home and is only then able to live out their true potential. Because only those who love their home can regenerate, relax and develop new creativity in the best possible way." - Petra from Furnishing with Soul

Even before construction of her own house began, Petra began planning her interior design. This enabled her to think early on where existing furniture should be placed and how it would look in the new environment, thereby gaining an overview of the need for new furniture.

“It's amazing how much new atmosphere you can breathe into a room with paint, rugs, curtains, lighting and a few accessories. Often it doesn't always have to be big changes to make you feel good.

Petra's interior design consultancy, EinrichtenMitSeele, ultimately emerged from our enthusiasm for interior design!

Individual and personal

Her offer can be booked throughout Germany and Petra describes her work as follows:

individual : not a “one size fits all”, but a design tailored to each customer, according to their respective needs

a little full of adventure : why not come up with a completely new solution and dare something?

not just trendy : because none of us live in glossy magazines. Real life happens here. This also means including existing favorite pieces.

In order to give your customers the best possible impression of their new facility, the room service e-design contains corresponding 3D visualizations. This includes simulated 3D objects. Meetings with Petra are possible in person or via video call.

You can view and book their offer here.

You can find a before and after example here.

Blog and freebies

On her website, Petra not only offers booking her advice, but also helpful free resources and instructions. A step-by-step guide for your interior design project is one of their free offers.

Or are you interested in tips that can quickly update your home? This is one of her blog posts with great little ways to make quick changes that will give your home a new look.

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